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Sabbatical, 2004 to 2005
With over three years and a half years applied towards an MBA and Certificate, I decided upon a one year sabbatical. During this time I investigated import/export opportunities regarding the Caribbean. During the MBA process I decided to more intricately investigate areas of interest in business, communications and technology. This occurred while traveling across the USA and Canada.

 I lived in La Jolla for six months where I took up    personal studies regarding international business markets,    particularly exercising an interest in imports and exports    to and from the Caribbean. The research in this area has    opened a vast market potential for a colleague with an    expected net income of $500,000 per annum.
 I lived in Salmon Arm, British Columbia for 4 months    where I studied interpersonal communication and    advances in technology to further develop studies    acquired during the MBA process.
For three months I traveled throughout the Southern    States and Western Canada. During this time I gained a    great appreciation for the cultural differences and    similarities that exist between our two countries.

Consultant, 2003 to 2004
Tough Duck Marine Ltd., Chemainus, BC - Recruited by the Shareholders of Tough Duck Marine Ltd. to re-engineer the company and reverse a rapidly eroding financial position within the year. Tasked with the development of a step-by-step five-year strategic plan; detailing business and marketing strategies aimed at strengthening the company's position overall in the recreational marine industry.

 Production of a 235 page strategic business plan entitled    "Performance and Realization Guide," outlining numerous    step-by-step strategies to enhance profitability and    consumer awareness.
 Initiated a marginal contribution review of local and    export markets, which resulted in a more efficient entry    into the $16 billion niche market.
 Sales increased by 12% on implementation of specific    recommendations.
 Analyzed market trends and recommended targeting US    male client base.
 Developed market intelligence on various product lines    and markets.
 Business volume increased by 16% and exceeded profit    margins by 19% in the 1st Quarter of FY 2004.
Sales increased by 12% on implementation of specific     recommendations.
 Performed risk management and conducted    investigations into a wide range of business transactions    resulting in an improved pricing policy.
 Developed and implemented the following policies:    business, privacy, code of conduct and ethics.
Created long-term and short-term strategic business    plans to meet corporate objectives.

1995 to 2000
Pre-Con Products Ltd., Abbotsford, BC -
Responsible in the following wide range of organizational functions: Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Quality Control, Product Management, Distribution, Strategic planning, Market Penetration, Finance and Human Resources in relation to recruiting and developing employees. Depended upon for developing and presenting a strong corporate image in the concrete products industry.

 Maintained data control for product pricing including    cost, suggested selling price, classification, insurance    costs and export duties.
 Formulated growth strategies to take advantage of shifts    in capital investment opportunities, market    competitiveness and industry growth.
 Reduced processing time and improved pricing, reporting    and product distribution efficiencies. Designed a    supply-chain process to allow production and distribution    to function efficiently. Incorporated the knowledge of    EDI, JIT SPC and MRP systems to improve    manufacturing processes and logistics.
 Contributed to increasing business volume by 26% in    1998 and exceeded profit margins by 24% in FY 1998.
 Efficiently re-engineered strategic planning and servicing    operations to enhance performance and improve    customer satisfaction by 37%.
Introduced a detailed business strategy with projected    client growth of $7.6 in new revenue for FY 2004.
Utilized skills as project manager to communicate    organizational objectives, policies, procedures, organizing    work flow, and conducting individualized training.

Consultant / Owner,
1997 to 2001

Kingma Consulting, Abbotsford, BC -
Provide consulting services and project technical assistance to clients, specializing in advanced information technologies, including Web design layout, systems integration, network administration, strategic planning, project direction, market development and account management.

  Evaluated and implemented strategies to leverage     emerging technologies.
  Consistently recognized by clientele for meeting goals     and expanding profitability.    
  Handled all network systems administration, including     design, installation, upgrades and troubleshooting.     
  Evaluated software alternatives and selected     software/hardware vendors.
  Provided one-on-one telephone support to clients,     resolving network, hardware and software problems.

Administrative Assistant
, 1993 to 1994

Vanderpol's Eggs Ltd., Abbotsford, BC –
Managed the financials for the day-to-day operations of the egg grading facility. One of four members responsible for acquisitions and the expansion of Vanderpol's Eggs market share by developing new business opportunities.

 Advised upper management on matters concerning    current and future financial, operational and sales issues.
 Consistently recognized by executives for meeting goals    and expanding profitability.
 Integral member of a four person strategic business    development team which completed one acquisition and    formed a second entity called Inovatech Egg Products.
 Increased profitability and efficiencies in the egg grading    plant by 21%.
 Personally reduced operational and administrative costs    by 18%; computerized a full range of business functions.
 Recruit, hire and encourage a highly responsive    synergistically based work environment.
 Prepared, issued, and processed general accounts    payable and supplier checks.
 Acted as liaison between the B.C. Egg Marketing Board,    Producers and Vanderpol's Eggs Ltd. Actively pursue and    resolve issues arising within any group.

Assistant Manager
(Part Time), 1988 to 1992
Pre-Con Products (1989) Ltd., Abbotsford, BC –
Responsible for a wide range of duties in shipping/receiving, maintenance, production, sales, purchasing and HR. Involved in a wide variety of plant operations; machine set-up, quality assurance, production reporting, custom molding, fabrication, finishing, forklift operating and conveyor systems arrangement.

 Developed and implemented streamlined processes and    productivity improvements leading to a 50% reduction in    tack-welding personnel and variable cost savings in the    reprocessing of scrap metal.
 Responsible for purchasing materials and products within    the limits of the annual purchasing plan.
 Directed the creation of the annual maintenance forecast    and budget in relation to concrete operations.
 Recruited, hired, motivated, and developed top    performing employees in production and maintenance.    Performed an annual performance appraisal of    subordinates and recommend appropriate personnel    actions as necessary.
Responsible for various aspects of union contract    negotiation and client relations.
 Assisted the Maintenance Manager in the maintenance of    production equipment and forklifts. Developed scheduling    and timing for preventative maintenance of all equipment    within the company.
 Developed and nurtured empowered/self-directed work    teams in all phases of the operation.


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