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  Mom and Dad:
  Mom and dad are pictured here at a cousins' wedding.
  Dad emigrated from Holland when he was seven and   mom did the same at the age of nineteen. To learn
  more about the Kingma heritage, please visit the
  following website:
Stichting Kingma State.
  Kathy and Wayne:
Kathy and Wayne are pictured here at the annual   Christmas party held at the parent's house. They have
  four children, ranging in age from seven to sixteen.
  Currently, they are in the process of planning the   building a new home in which Wayne will be taking
  on the role of Project Manager. As a family, they are
  avid outdoors people, especially when it comes to dirt   biking.   
  Danielle, Kyle, Brad and Brandon:
The four children of Wayne and Kathy are pictured   here after having received sleds for Christmas.
  Now they have to hope for at least one day of snow
  which does not always happen in southern British   Columbia. It is always a pleasure being a visitor at
  their home as each of them offers so much in the
  way of instilling a dynamic and robust family life.
  Bryan and Family:
Bryan and his two children are pictured here at the annual
  Christmas party. Makaia and Marty are great kids that are
  capable of making anyone grin or smile. They probably
  picked that up from their dad who never ceases to amaze
  people with the things he says or does. Not pictured here, is   Bryan's wife, who tends to be just a little camera shy.
  Jennifer and Matthew :
  Matt and Jen met while he was attending a community
  college. She was there teaching a class in graphic   design. Eventually, when the course was finished,
  they began dating and were married a few years later.
  More recently, they bought a home in the town of   Chiliwack, a town in southern British Columbia. They   share many similar interests in the area of design, and   more recently, their son Owen.
The most recent addition to the Kingma clan is Owen, the   son of Jennifer and Matt. Owen is a real mix of both his
  parents, as he looks a lot like his dad but has a lot of the
  internal workings of his mom. One day, he may end up
  working with his father in the cabinetry and furniture
  design  business.  Only time will tell...