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Managerial work can be viewed as a spectrum. At the one end of the spectrum is the highly capable person who makes contributions to the organization through their gifts, talents, knowledge, skills and great work habits. Typically at the other end is the effective leader who draws employee commitment and stimulates growth. Leadership is both a learned and intrinsic capability. In particular a leader that is capable of maximizing employee and company growth is a rarity rather than the rule.

Based on prior experience, I believe that my skills encompass the full spectrum of capabilities required to make your company and employees successful. Leadership skills can be fully implemented in many roles, such as a manager, team-mate and as an employee.

To be successful, it is important that we understand our personal competencies and leadership style. An effective employee brings personal qualities and competencies in dealing with managing personal, organizational, and interpersonal change. My prior experiences have taught me the importance of continually seeking to improve myself in gaining knowledge, wisdom, and further developing interpersonal skills. In the 21 st century it has become imperative to continuously keep abreast of international affairs, business opportunities and developing a global perspective.

I do have a broad range of competencies which permit me to be much more versatile in the roles I am capable of fulfilling. I am ambitious, first and foremost for the company that will allow my skills to enhance its position. My work experience demonstrates an unwavering resolve to ethically do whatever must be done to produce the most effective long-term results, no matter how insurmountable the tasks may seem at first. In my experience I have helped in setting the standards for building enduring companies.

Over the years I developed the capacity to always look in the mirror when it comes to accepting full responsibility for poor results, never blaming other people for my own short-comings. I also believe in giving credit to those people that benefit the company, be it tangible or intangible benefits. I have learned from both the successes and failures I have met throughout my life. I have gained the most through conquering my fears and learning from failures to enhance my core capabilities for achievement and success.

Experience has taught me that effective communication from upper levels of management can effectively endear a corporate vision and garner the support of all employees. An atmosphere such as this creates an environment for instilling creativity and new initiatives within its ranks for achieving greater corporate success.


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